Saturday, February 10, 2007

What Is The World Coming To When The Girls Next Door Think They Are Fat??

Have you ever seen the show The Girls Next Door, about Hugh Hefner's three gorgeous girlfriends?

Every once in a while, when we're not in the truck, I get to see it since it's on E! and we don't get that channel on the road.

I really can't decide who is my favorite. I love Holly for her gentle nature and stunning beauty, Bridget for her intelligence and bubbly personality and although Kendra is my least favorite, she still has adorable qualities.

Today I happened to catch a repeat episode where the girls are planning to make their own fitness video. They do a little warm up exercise for the trainers, to see where their fitness levels are, etc.

As I sit with my squishy, out of shape body sprawled across the hotel room bed, I hear them point out their trouble spots.

Kendra hates her thighs, Holly wants a flatter stomach (because she has a pooch and looks bloated all the time, she says), a tighter butt and she wants to work on that little fat pocket on the back of her thigh under her ass cheek and Bridget wants a flatter stomach and toner thighs.

If I hadn't made a nice indent in the mattress and wasn't burrowed under the covers for the night, I might have just gotten up and thrown myself off the balcony.

Because when Playboy Playmates complain that they are fat??; the world is truly coming to an end.

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Twisted Cinderella said...

I have yet to meet any woman who is truly happy with all parts of her body. It is really sad that these beautiful women can't see for themselves how incredible their bodies are to us mere mortals.