Tuesday, April 03, 2007

They Should Give Academy Awards For Good Hair

(picture of Cameron Diaz and my boyfriend Jude,courtesy of IMDB)

My sister-in-law's father is a bit of a movie buff, and when he's done watching his movies, he passes them on to my parents. My mother and I were talking last night about the latest batch he brought over.

"So which ones did you get?" I said.

"Hold on, let me look....let's see....The Prestige....did you see that? I heard it was pretty good."

"No, but Eddie wants to see it. What else?"

"Um.....The Guardian..."

"Oh, I liked that one, about the Coast Guard swimmers; I sorta like Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher was actually cute for once."

"And The Holiday."

"Oh my God, I LOVED The Holiday! The one with the home exchange thing, right? Jude Law, Kate Winslet?" I asked.

"Right, right."

"Jude Law is soooo HOT and I just love Kate Winslet."

"Me too. That Jude Law is definitely easy on the eyes." she said.

"You know," I said, "that home exchange program is a real thing. In fact, they sort of promote the movie on the
home exchange website. I would love to do that - switch homes with someone. There are people from all over the world looking to vacation in the United States. I saw people from Italy, the UK and even the French Riviera on the website. Wouldn't that be totally exciting??"

"Very." she said.

"And usually I hate Cameron Diaz, but in this movie, she didn't annoy me as much; I actually liked her."

"Me too," my mother said. "The hair is what did it for me. It wasn't all scraggly like she usually wears it. It was sleek and sort of flat to her head."

"You liked the movie because of her hair??" I said. "Oh, I'm sure they'd love to hear that; here they are trying to perfect their craft as actors and you are basing your love of the movie on Cameron Diaz's hair."

"Well, it wasn't so distracting this time."

Right, because we wouldn't want someone's hair to ruin the movie for you.

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Anonymous said...

YOUR boyfriend Jude? He's cheating on me then! ;-)