Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Hippie Dippie Woo Woo Town Sporting Lots Of Leg Hair

While lounging around New York this week, Eddie and I took a trip up to New Paltz for a little shopping and, since Ed has a very specific feeding schedule, lunch at P & G's.

New Paltz, home to SUNY New Paltz, a state university, is a very hippie/granola/college town where you'll find people walking the streets who are tatooed, pierced, dressed in tie-dye, wearing birkenstocks with prairie skirts, or all of the above.

There are several shops and restaurants that line the main drag and even a Starbucks on the corner for those corporate types who can't go without their daily brew. One of my favorite stores is The Groovy Blueberry; mostly for the name, but also for the unique jewelry that is found inside the shop, heavily laden with the smell of Patchouli and incense.

Everytime I visit this town and this shop, I have an overwhelming desire to never shave my armpits again.

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