Friday, July 20, 2007

Tipping Point

The last time I went through Nashville, I was behind the wheel instead of Ed. I called Vicki to ask her a question and mentioned I was cruisin' through town. I hadn't called her to tell her I was going to be there because I knew I couldn't stop to visit; and why torture myself if I couldn't stay and enjoy my friends?

"Where are you??" she wanted to know. I gave her my whereabouts and she immediately said, "I'll be right there!"

Before I knew it, she came cruising up beside the truck, leaning on her horn. The kids had their heads hanging out the windows screaming "Miss Salena!!!" and waving. I was on my way to Memphis and the kids wanted her to follow me there. Her son Michael told her to "just call Daddy and tell him we're going with Miss Salena and we'll see him later. You know, so he won't be worried."

Perfectly acceptable logic for an eight year old; an eight year old who is apparently my new biggest fan.

Later in the week when Vicki and I talked, she told me how Michael would not shut up about me. How everything he talked about had to do with trucking; the color of his truck, the size of it, the routes he was going to drive, who was going with him on each trip and how he wanted to do "exactly what Miss Salena does".

We believe the day he saw me actually behind the wheel, was his tipping point. That was confirmed when he told Vicki, "Man MOMMMY!!!! Miss Salena is REALLY driving!!!"

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