Saturday, December 01, 2007

All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front Teeth

And a few other things I'm probably not going to get...

Since I have limited space in the truck, I usually don't buy or ask for a whole lot of stuff. Ed and I usually spend money doing something rather than buying something. And this year, in addition to what we will be spending on family, we plan on buying an alternative gift to help someone in another country (more on that later in the week).

But for now, let's peruse my wish list:

A Coach
wallet to match the bag I bought for my birthday.

Hidalgo stackable rings, which are just gorgeous. I'll need at least three of them.

A gift certificate of ANY amount to
Sephora. You will never hear me say no to Sephora.

In preparation for my trip to Italy, I need to start spending time with Rosetta; the Rosetta Stone
Italian Language course, that is.

My So-Called Life DVD collection (and book!): The epitome of teen angst. I was in love with Jordan Catalano LONG before Cameron Diaz even knew he existed.

And you can't watch My So-Called Life without following it up with hours of
Felicity. Ben or Noel? Noel or Ben? Oh my God, it's SUCH an agonizing decision. My head says Noel, but my loins say Ben. And how can you not have a Ben at least once in your life???

Because, on occasion, I am susceptible to infomercials, I want Lauren Hutton’s Face Disk; how could you not want fabulous when it comes in one handy compact?

Ooooh! And a
cruise around the world. This is something Ed already looked into and I figured if I could spend 24 hours a day in the cab of a truck with him, I can certainly stand being in a cabin on a ship that’s cruising the globe!

Since I’m such the traveler, I'll need a cozy
throw to keep my lap warm. ('Cause you know how laps always seem to get cold and all.) This heather grey will do the trick!

Another traveling necessity is this
tote bag, which is just unique enough to be cool but not too fuzzy that it will be mistaken for a dead animal.

And finally, for days when I feel like embracing straight hair, I'll need one of

That's about it for now, and since I recently went to the dentist and actually had my front tooth fixed, I guess the list is done. If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to add it!


Tui Snider @mentalmosaic said...

Some library systems have the Rosetta Stone online for free, actually. So if Santa bales on that one, you might be able to borrow someone else's library account (like I'm doing) and learn Eye-talian for free.

J said...

oooohh....Jordan Catalano.....oooohh

Sauntering Soul said...

Tui - thank you for that info! My boyfriend is from Brazil and I would love to learn some Portuguese.

Salena, you're going to Italy?! I'm so jealous!!!