Sunday, December 02, 2007

When Pizza Is Involved, Jesus Is Always In Charge

Mina was recently talking to her father, who was at the kitchen table teasing the kids about not taking them to a classmate's birthday party that was being held at a neighborhood pizzeria.

The kids kept insisting that Mommy said they could go but their father told them he was the boss and they weren’t going.

In response to this, Mina said, “Well, Jesus is the big, BIG boss. Of everyone. Even big people. Even you, Daddy.”

See why I love this kid? For conversations precisely like this and the fact that she has been known to end the Lord's Prayer with "...and deliver us from Nemo. Amen."

After her comment, she ran into the other room to check with her mother and make sure she was right about the whole Jesus-being-the-big-boss thing.

Of course she was right, so her father stopped the teasing and they all piled in the car to get some pizza.

Thank you Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! Nemo...haha :)