Saturday, September 06, 2008

From The Confines Of The Hampton Inn

Since I'm still in a hotel room (going on week FIVE) waiting on truck repair, I present you with a Meme:

MAYBE I SHOULD...start an exercise program. (don't get all excited. I said maybe.)

I LOVE THE SMELL Even though I'm not fond of the taste of it.

PEOPLE WOULD SAY THAT I'M...probably a little too opinionated and outspoken.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY...parents drive their kids to school when there is a SCHOOL BUS.

WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING...I am always in a good mood, but NEVER hungry.

I LOST...a one carat diamond ring years ago and still agonize over it.

LIFE IS FULL OF...opportunities.

MY PAST IS...(was) more fun than my present.

PARTIES ARE...a good place to meet drunk people.

I WISH...I had a week vacation alone with my best friend.

DOGS...are a bit icky and too licky.

CATS...never drool, always smell good and don't need to be taken for a walk. a day of rest.

I HAVE LOW TOLERANCE FOR...incompetence and stupidity - often combined in the same person.

I'M TOTALLY TERRIFIED OF...losing my brother.

I WONDER WHY...some people don't leave a job they hate.

NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I...wanted to get a tattoo or dye my hair blond.

HIGH SCHOOL...has been brought back to mind by the recent emails I've gotten from past classmates who have found me.

WHEN I'M NERVOUS...I can't think of anything that makes me nervous.

ONE TIME AT A FAMILY cousin made out with my other cousin's date.

TAKE MY ADVICE...people never listen to advice.

MAKING MY a pain in the ass, but if I don't do it, it doesn't get done.

I ALMOST ALWAYS...wind up squandering too much of my free time. And I have a LOT of it!!

I'M ADDICTED TO...magazines. Can't ever get out of a store without buying one.

I WANT SOMEONE me exercise by busting my ass drill instructor style!


Real Live Lesbian said...

You are one of the few people that actually cherishes the fact that you have a sibling. Makes me jealous for one!

And, Trace doesn't lick.

Candy Apple said...

People drive because they are too late for the school bus - I speak from future experience (kids aren't old enough for school yet).

If you lost your ring in Florida, my grandmother has it. She is notorious for finding gorgeous rings in public bathrooms (left on the counter while washing hands or something) and stuffing them in a sock drawer. She also has 15 stacks of polyester pants, never worn that she got from flea markets, and 3 pretty clocks she got for her kids that she won't pass on until after she dies (one of her sons has passed already). If I ever inherit the rings, I'll let you pick one. I know she sounds crazy, but this is what comes from being born to a morally iffy nomadic hungarian gypsy leader and having nothing of your own as a child, and then being married off to the highest bidding family. She's a character at least.

You forgot, DOGS...are smelly.

MAKING MY BED...don't happen. I'm going to crawl back into it as soon as the baby takes her nap.

Been super busy lately, but love the reads!