Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shine And Shine

Yesterday, I attended the 1st Annual Oro Valley Classic Car, BBQ & Blues Show in Oro Valley, Arizona. Their flyer said the event would go on "rain or shine". Rain or shine?? Not only was there enough shine, but it was a million degrees; yes, Hedon, it was actually a million degrees and I wish you were there with me because everyone else thought it was "nice" out.

If you're a reader of any amount of time at all, you probably know how I try to avoid sunlight and abhor the heat, so that alone should tell you I had a really good reason for being there; that reason was my brother. He was showing a car that he modified and since I was in town, I wanted to be there for him. Also, at his request, I photographed every car in the show (over 100 of them). Yeah, I like him that much.

The only way the day could have been more ideal were if there were not a drop of sunshine, the temperature was hovering around 65 degrees, the classic cars were replaced with booths displaying top of the line cosmetics and Brad Pitt were were serving steaming hot lattes to warm my hands.

Even though I was only there for a few hours, I took some great pictures and got to spend a little time with my brother, so I guess it it was worth a sweat soaked bra and a second shower in less than six hours.


Saretta said...

What a beauty! I love classic cars! I envy you being sun or no! :-)

Anonymous said...


I love classic cars, and I love my brother... but oh hell no! Not happening. Ever.

I have to say you obviously love your brother WAY more than I love mine. Cause there is no way he could get me out there in that heat for any reason whatsoever.

I have been serioiusly grumpy about the 25 foot walk to get the fast food that we're having delivered twice a day here in Irving and its only been about 500,000 degrees here in Texas this week.

I would have liked to see the cars though... but by god that's what they make buildings and A/C for. How is it that we seem to be the only people who understand this fact?

Geggie said...

So funny, my parents were at the same show!!