Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Blaze Of Crotch Sniffing And Licky Kisses

My cousin Ro is very friendly with her neighbors. Their houses are so close, you can't fart without the other one knowing about it, but sometimes that's a good thing if you're the kind of person who doesn't like to be alone.

Enter Blaze, the dog that belongs to my cousin Ro's neighbor. He doesn't like to be alone. And althoug he's not a person, he thinks he is because he wants in on every little human event that's going on. He has to be around while you're watering the plants, sweeping the porch, going for the mail, drinking a Diet Coke, planting in the garden...

He may as well be Ro's dog for the amount of time he spends in her yard. When Blaze isn't in his own yard, he's at Ro's house. It's the same with the neighbor's kid. He always wants to be with Ro. Sometimes, her neighbors have to sneak them (dog and kid) into the house when they come home just so they don't see Ro; because if they do, they want to go over and play.

Ro loves every minute of it, she gets to have a dog and a kid on a part-time basis, giving them back whenever they need a bath or a potty break. How ideal. And they never have to worry about where they are since everyone knows where to look if one of them is missing.

I can see why Ro loves being around them, as they both are cute in their own way. Blaze is very licky, jumpy and crotch sniffy; all the things one apparently looks for in a dog. He's also very lovey and curious, wanting to be in on everything.

The kid is kinda the same...very lovey and curious and wanting to be in on everything; not licky, jumpy and crotch sniffy.

That would be weird.

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Katie said...

Ro sounds like my kind of neighbor!! :) That is exactly what I thought I would get if I lived in suburbia, but instead I got an old couple next door who don't want any kids or dogs touching their perfect grass. She actually sprayed my dog with a water hose when he got too close to her yard once. Even though he was on a leesh and couldn't reach her yard... :)

sheila said...

Good neighbors are hard to find. But I suppose the crotch sniffing kind finds you. lol.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me that Ro is a boxer. They're the best. More people know my boxer, than know me!

Stace said...

LOLOL -- great ending there.

Anonymous said...

Ro is a boxer?