Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Sum Of Its Parts

At one time, I was sorta into making dolls. It was a hobby of my boss Lynn, and she got me interested in it. She was so good at it, she even got invited by the White House to create a doll for their Christmas tree!

I say I was "sorta" into it because after I made a few, I hit a wall and couldn't come up with any good ideas. When that happened, I just let it lapse. Recently, when I was home and digging through some boxes looking for a piece of material to use as a patch, I came across several unmade dolls; heads, arms, legs and bodies all sewn, but not put together. They were so cute and it lit a teeny spark in me that made me think, hey....maybe I should start making those again.

That's just one example of how my attention span usually keeps me from following through on things. I decide I want to try something, then I do it, and then I'm kinda satisfied. I don't have to go all the way, I just have to dabble. It started when I was very young, and could pertain to wanting soooooo bad to kiss that cute guy I work with, flirting like a tart to get him to notice me, luring him with whatever bait I think might work, and then getting the kiss. He may want more, but for me, the kiss was enough. Mission accomplished; time to turn my attention to something else.

I'm like that with a lot of things, as I find that there aren't many things that can capture my attention for very long. Oh, a good book might do it for a few days, or a movie for two or so hours, and of course magazine reading at the nearest Barnes and Noble...I'm good for half a day in one of those places. But crafts, exercise, jobs, even people start to bore me after a while. They leave me wanting something more; something else.

My blog though, has been different. Today marks the fourth year I've been writing it, which I guess means I like it. It's as if all the body parts came together to make a whole doll. This blog has lasted longer than boyfriends, craft endeavors, jobs and definitely weight loss milestones. The only thing associated with this blog that's getting old is me.

I think I'm pretty happy that I have something to write about, or not, which is why you'll sometimes see three days of pictures. Generally though, I like what I'm doing enough to actually write about it.

Since this started as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, some of the things I chronicle might make your eyes roll back in your head. I mean, do you really want to hear about how the cheese grater I bought to grate my prized
Locatelli cheese actually works better on my heels and that it will never touch a block of formaggio again? It's magic, I tell you. I've never seen a smoother hoof.

You might not find that interesting, but someone in my family would. I can hear the phone call from my mother now...."Are you sure that's safe? It was made for cheese, what makes you think you could use it on your body?" Um, have you ever heard of the Ped Egg?

I am hoping in my fourth year to see more comments from those of you who do read (and no, Mom, that does not mean you), no matter how you found me. The summer is on its way so I should have more photos and a bit more things to talk about...we have a tendency to do more in the summer, despite my aversion to moving much in the heat.

So I guess I stuck to something and I'm glad I did. I enjoy the comments, emails, compliments and support. If you have any suggestions, send 'em my way!

I'm off to have some Oreo's and cold milk right now in lieu of birthday cake and I'm going to force Eddie to sing "Happy Blogday" to me.

Although that may not go as planned...

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Blondie said...

Your tenacity has paid off: your blog is great! Happy Anniversary!

Jeni said...

Four years and your posts are always interesting too -even if they are about simple things like a new cheese grater for your heels or whatever!
I can't come up with stuff to do a daily post no matter how hard I try some days! Maybe I should really go out of the house once in a while. Might see something new and exciting outside for a change.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversity!
Look, I just made up a word.

Don Olney said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

Thanks for all your stories - or at least most of them ;-) - and all your pictures, and thanks for that "Agida" blog entry that I found totally by accident. I was hooked immediately.

And you got me going on blogging! My 400th entry is coming up. How do you do that "2 years ago" thingy?

Lots of Upstate NY love to both of you!

Fandango Travelers said...

Happy Blogging Birthday!
I am soooooo with you on the commenting more thing - I can't get anyone (except you) to comment on mine either.

Knowing that you have been at this for 4 years makes me even more determined to keep mine up-to-date and going strong. I may even post today!

The Daily Rant said...

Thanks everyone!!

And Fandango....I am pretty sure that the trick to getting readers and commenters is to comment on others blogs. I am guilty of doing just what my readers do - read, but not comment. I read quite a few blogs, but I don't always comment....I'm sure if I did, they would know I was there and might come by and see me.

I have to work on's really a way to build a commenting community and readership!

Gil said...

Happy Birthday to your Blog. I enjoy reading about your adventures and now know to never borrow your cheese grater! Stay healthy.

all things bradbury said...

alot of my family, especially, will comment on my blog, or brad's blog, when we're talking, so i know they're reading, but they don't blog, so they seem shy about commenting online and they seem confused about becoming a you, i read alot of different blogs but alot of the time, like you, i don't always comment even tho i always enjoy the posts.....and with yours, especially, i'm always so anxious to go on to the daily archives that i forget!'re doing a fantastic job and we always look forward to your posts!

Angela said...

Well I'm glad you blog and have stuck to it. I enjoy your blog about as much as I enjoy my own... which is A LOT! :o)

oh and I just bought an actual PedEgg... Fabulous! How I ever lived without one I'll never know!

Happy Blog-a-versary!