Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wishes Really Do Come True

Before we arrived: "I wanna go windsurfing when we get down there."

On the way there: "I hope they have equipment so I can go windsurfing."

As we were walking to the surf shop: "Wow, I think the winds are picking up. Pefect weather for windsurfing."

On the water: "Look Ma, no hands!"

Well, he didn't really say "Look, Ma!" but everything else was said about fifty times before he finally got on the water. May I present Eddie The Windsurfer:

He hadn't lost his touch. It took him only moments to pull up the sail and go cruising across the bay. I sat and took in a bit of sun, read my book and took pictures.

A bit later, I joined him in the water. At around a thousand feet from shore, the water was still only thigh deep. Ed even gave me a quick lesson and I tried to do it myself. I got up on the board and got the sail up, but couldn't stay up long enough to go anywhere.

It was hot and humid but I think the water and the constant breeze was a real help as I didn't hate the experience. Tomorrow is more beach time, hopefully getting a bit more color and maybe even another windsurfing experience. Oooh, or kayaking!

Either way, sun and water will be involved and Eddie will be happy as a clam.

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Blasé said...

When Eddie is happy....everybody is happy!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous, you get to do the coolest things.

Anonymous said... two do realize how lucky you are to work and play all at the same time...most people have to wait a year for time off to have fun...I live vicariously through you and enjoy every you both...MAE

sheila said...

You guys have such a cool life

all things bradbury said...

i'm so glad ed got to windsurf...both so that he could do it and also so you wouldn't have to listen to him whine if he didn' like you're having a great time...wish we were there.......