Saturday, August 01, 2009

Who Would Have Thought Cheese And Tarheels Were Such A Perfect Complement

Today I stepped into a little slice of heaven; the Carolina Cheese Company in Wilson, North Carolina. I wanted to go to Starbucks but Ed was hungry for actual food (as usual), so we stepped into this little deli/cheese shop that just happened to be right next door. And boy am I glad I did!

The shelves were lined with hundreds of gourmet treats, from cheeseball mixes to
Barefoot Contessa products. I was salivating over her lucious, creamy lemon bar mix. I was also insanely thrilled to find items made by Stonewall Kitchen and Made In Napa Valley; rubs and jams and chutneys and lime curd. Beautiful, tangy, delicious lime curd.

The deli counter was stocked exclusively with Boar’s Head meats and cheeses. You just can't get any better than that. We had one Rare Roast Beef and White Cheddar on a Flaky Croissant with Bistro Sauce, one Peppercorn Turkey Breast with Cheese on Cheddar Bread and two small soups, Broccoli and Cheese and Mushroom Brie w/ Madeira Wine. The sandwiches were Panini Grilled, the soups piping hot and the beverage to wash them down with, icy cold.

Then, the shining star of the establishment; the
cheese selection. Cheeses ranging in price from $6.99 a pound to $38.99 a pound. A treasure trove of artisanal goodness. I wanted to dive into the display case and take my last breath right then and there, among the selection of moldy blues.

Not only was it a great lunch, but they also had truck parking. Well, sort of....whenever we park our truck within walking distance, we consider it "truck parking". Which means we add the location to our mental rolodex should we ever be in the area again.

And since we've been running the I-95 corridor lately, I suspect we'll be back!

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Fandango Travelers said...

YUMMMMMMY. I'm so jealous. I've eaten at the ever popular FlyingJ for the last 2 days! Blah. We are out of food and have hopes of getting to the grocery soon. Did you buy some artisanal cheeses?

The Daily Rant said...

Of course I bought cheese!!!

Amy said...

ooohhh.....The sandwiches sound WONDERFUL. I'm on a hunt for the sharpest cheese one can get. I have no time for wimpy cheeses. Smoked provolone from the Italian Market in THATS cheese.