Monday, September 28, 2009

Vegetarianism Brings On Extinction

Not only does my boyfriend see meteors when I'm not awake, but he's also got a dinosaur in the family (sort of). Yep, you heard me right. Dinosaurs.

Ed's mom was married once before; she has three children from that marriage, which gives Ed three half-siblings that range in ages 14-22 years older than him. Her first husband Billy, who everyone is still on good terms with, lives with his current wife on a ranch in Texas. And on this ranch, archaeologists have discovered dinosaurs.

You know, dinosaurs, those creatures that lived millions of years ago? They named the dinosaur has been named Paluxysaurus Jonesi which refers to the town of Paluxy, Texas and the Paluxy River by which it was found and the land it was found on, The Jones Ranch - Billy Jones' ranch.

This particular dinosaur supposedly inhabited the earth 95 to 112 million years ago and in
my brief search on Google, I found this: "The Paluxysaurus jonesi is the most complete sauropod dinosaur known from the Cretaceous of North America. The holotype is an associated left maxilla, nasal and teeth. Associated partial skeletons and isolated bones from at least four individuals are referred to Paluxysaurus jonesi. Paluxysaurus is about the same size or slightly smaller than its closest relative Brachiosaurus."

Below is a picture of the actual dinosaur they found. Can you believe you're looking at a DINOSAUR? A dinosaur that was found on the land of someone I KNOW??? I had Thanksgiving with these people, for God's sake! And Ed's brother Bill currently lives on this very ranch!

Look at that ribcage! Look at the person standing next to its leg. What's cool about this is that it's not in a museum yet. Billy and his wife went to the facility where they are assembling the dinosaur to get a sneak preview of it.

Anyway, this dinosaur supposedly measured 70 feet long (that's as long as our truck and trailer), was 12 feet high at the shoulder and weighed as much as 20 tons! Here is a picture of the tail, which alone measures 20 feet.

And here is a picture of Billy and his wife, Decie. Look at how small she looks next to that leg!

The dinosaur is nearing completion and will be ready for display at the Omni in Fort Worth, hopefullly in November.

This dinosaur, like other sauropods, would have been a large quadrupedal; which means having four limbs or legs. (I just learned that, but it makes me sound smart, doesn't it?) It was also a herbivore, which of course means it's an animal that eats plants.

It may have a small head and a skinny neck, but for someone who eats leaves, he sure is pretty hefty everywhere else. And eating all those plants didn't keep him around very long, now did it? So much for the "healthy" diet.

I think I'll stick with eating meat and Twinkies, thank you very much. I kind like my proportions, even if they are a little rounder than most. At least I don't have a ten foot neck!

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Gil said...

I agree!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

So cool!!!!

Stace said...

"At least I don't have a ten foot neck!"

Thanks. That's what I'm going to repeat to myself the next time Hedon posts a picture of me bent over in all my fat glory.

Anonymous said...

That is SO FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!! Andreus is into the dinosaurs right now. I'll have to show him your pictures.