Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Do You Spell Relaxation? B.V.I.

We haven't even been back a month yet and we're already talking about our next vacation. Actually, we started talking about it before we even left for Italy, but now we're getting into the preliminary details.

We're planning to go with another couple, also truckers, who we met through my blog and have become friends with. They weren't always truckers; in their former lives, they were both in creative, artistic fields. In fact, they still dabble a bit in that area. They are well traveled, intelligent, interesting to talk to, chock FULL of knowledge (about almost everything), like minded in so many ways and from one of my favorite foreign countries!

We have been talking about chartering a sailboat and we've been considering the British Virgin Islands. M is very familiar with the sailing world; when she was younger, she worked on chartered sailboats and has been around the BVI's enough to be able to name the good coves and hideaways.

Because G has always wanted to sail, Ed also likes sailing and I've only been in a sailboat once, M thought this area would be a good first experience for us. What she actually said was, "I think the first sailing experience for all you neophytes (LOL) should be the British Virgin Islands, warm, great winds, little sails and longer sails (longer meaning six hours), a few interesting things to see, good topography, great places to anchor, lots of cheap rum." Sounds good to me.

The flight won't be long and it's not far from home. You all know I'm not in love with the heat but it'll be cold here when we go, and I've been told the winds will keep me cool. And this is the first charter boat we've looked at. Hmmm...I think I might possibly be sold on this idea.

Check out this
slideshow for more beautiful images of these islands.

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Gil said...

These trips can become very romantic! I used to work with a guy that was a good sailor and he talked 3 or 4 other couples to go along with him and his wife on a sailing trip in the B.V.I. Shortly after returning home either 2 of 3 or 3 of 4 of the couples were pregnant!!! A good time was had by all...

The Daily Rant said...

OK, Gil...let's not get crazy. There will be NO pregnancies in this truck! :)