Saturday, November 27, 2010

Keyed Up

These are what the keys to the hotel rooms in Italy looked like and I just loved them; heavy, brass and with real keys.

I was so tempted to take it home and use it as my keyring. At least I know I'd never lose it in the bottom of my purse!


sheila said...

Oh those are THEEEE most awesome keys I've ever seen! They are beautiful!

as for the spoons (at my place) apparently they were from a college server job over the She washed an old apron. Thanks for stopping by, I haven't been here in ages! Nice to see you again!

Evil Pixie said...

Cool keys, but even cooler photograph!

Gil said...

I wonder how long you'd be in Italy for if you got caught snagging one of those!

Nina said...

I love how you've posted about even the littlest things in your travels. So many others just post pictures and that's okay, but you've really captured every aspect of the trip. Thanks for sharing.