Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hello, Kitty. Who's Your Friend?

Tomorrow Verizon Wireless will discontinue their unlimited data plan on smart phones; they're going to a tiered plan like AT&T has. We use tons of data and are both already on unlimited plans. But I had been wanting to get my mother an iPhone for a while now (why, I don't know, because I'll probably have an aneurism trying to teach her how to use it) and I figured now was the time. I'd get the phone, get the unlimited plan, and she'd be grandfathered in no matter what we decide to do down the road.

I'll actually be getting myself a new iPhone (the 32 GB one) and will be giving my mother my current one (the 16 GB one). I just got mine a few months ago, so it's essentially brand new. I figured I'd set her up with a few apps, throw some pictures on there and create some playlists for her. I've got books on Kindle and audiobooks on Audible. She's going to love it, I'm sure.

I didn't want to pay more than twenty dollars for a case so I went to Ross and checked out their selection. Last time I got a clear purple silicone Belkin case for $4.99; the same one I had seen in the Verizon store for $19.99. I didn't find any really plain silicone cases, but I did find the Hello Kitty one in the picture above.

My mother decided she liked the purple one, so I'll be sending her the phone with that case, and Hello Kitty now lives in my purse. It's actually quite a cute cover. I haven't had anything with Hello Kitty on it for over thirty-five years. Now I'm making phone calls, sometimes in public, on a phone with a bright red cover that has a kitten holding a teddy bear on the back.

Man, I'm regressing. Next thing you know, I'll be back in diapers; the adult ones.


Ms. Crawford said...

Super cute!! My debt card is Hello Kitty, every lady who swipes it loves it. Lol I only picked it is because it was the only feminine one they had, the rest were sports, but now I love it to death!!

Angela said...

I'm glad you posted this. Because I've been on the fence about my closet love for Hello Kitty ever since my 7 year old niece fell in love with her as well in recent months. When I shopped for her birthday presents back in April I loaded her up on Hello Kitty paraphernalia.

Ever since, I've been dying for my own Hello Kitty gear. I am considering getting one of these wacky paper wallets my friend turned me on to, which comes in a variety of designs including three or four Hello Kitty ones.

And I'm itching for a Hello Kitty purse. And now....well thanks but when I buy my new iPhone 4 next month I'm gonna just HAVE to get a Hello Kitty case for it.

.... thank you for liberating me and my Hello Kitty-ness. ;o)

Apple Accessories said...

How fabulous!