Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halfway To Ninety

Today I woke to many phone calls, texts and emails for my 45th birthday.  Or as Ed put it this morning, "Happy Birthday, baby!  You're halfway to 90." 

This photo was taken two months before my 6th birthday.  Clearly, my mother went a little overboard with the personal safety devices - life vest, rescue raft, and blow-up canoe?? - considering the water in our pool was only four feet deep.  Good thing I learned how to swim when I was three years old!

45 seems like a special birthday to me.  But then, I think all the incremental five birthdays (5, 10, 15...35, 40, 45) are somehow cooler than the ones in-between.  You rarely hear someone say, "By the time I'm 43 I want to do xyz." or "I'm going to lose 10 pounds by my 27th birthday." 

For me, I have a loose five-year plan already in place - I told my friend Vicki last week that we're going to Italy for my 50th birthday.  That gives me five years to practice my Italian and save enough money to take all of us.  And on the encouragement of one of my readers, ELH, I think I might also add "learning to ski" to my list.  He said he started at 40, so there might be a chance I can add "Ski the Italian Alps" to that list.  Well, maybe not THE alps, but maybe the little ones, the bunny alps.

This year is going to be a good one, I can feel it.  Back burner things are moving forward, plans are falling into place, and dreams seem to be coming very close to reality.

Now if only I can schedule all of this stuff to take place between naps, I'd be the happiest half-ninety-year-old on the planet!

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Pat said...

Happy Birthday. Oh, to be a young 45 again.