Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Fashion (And Country) Forward

It's been quite a while since I've done a post that had anything to do with politics. This one isn't really about politics either, it's about fashion; at the Democratic National Convention.

How can I, along with the rest of the world wide web, not comment on Michelle Obama's incredibly gorgeous dress? When she walked out on the stage last night, I was immediately wowed.
From head to toe, the First Lady glowed. From the sheen of her shapely café au lait shoulders, to the glint of light bouncing off her glistening gams.

In addition to being riveted to the TV listening to her
words, I was equally transfixed by the flawlessness of her face. Her makeup was perfection, I loved the little side flip of her hair, I want the lipgloss color she's wearing and I love that her style goes all the way to her fingertips; the nail polish was a wonderful surprise.

The pink of the dress is just stunning, and I love the the way that color slowly melts into the bluish-gray hem; a contrast, but not a distracting demarcation. And that little flounce of the hem. I love it.

As reported, the dress is a
Tracy Reese design and the shoes are J. Crew. It's a beautiful, feminine choice, yet at the same time being elegant, young and fresh.So that's about as close as I come to a "fashion review". For more on Michelle Obama’s style and fashion, check out Mrs. O, a blog written by Mary Tomer Byun, who has been following the First Lady and documenting her style since 2008.

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Gil said...

Not only brilliant, but beautiful! Like you...

Belledog said...

One of the most beautiful dresses I've EVER seen, worn by a fantastic woman. Really love Michelle O.

Also: since Democrats are so anti-business (right?), let's ignore the boost FLOTUS gave to Tracy Reece, whose beautiful dresses will be flying off the shelves.

(They're about $200-400 retail, but deeply discounted on sale. The dresses cut closest to Michelle's are sold out online.)

Bring back elegance.

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: You are so wonderful! Thank you. Boy, Anne is one lucky woman to have a charmer like you! xo

BELLEDOG: I know, right? Just beautiful. And like you said, affordable. I mean, most middle class women would be able to purchase that dress. And the shoes are J. Crew. I think Michelle just has an incredible presence – she’s tall, fit and looks good in everything she wears. Go, FLOTUS!

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