Saturday, June 21, 2014

WARNING: Very Low Flying Aircraft

OK, so not really flying.

This is one of the more interesting loads I've ever seen.  They were parked at the Flying J in Post Falls, Idaho.  I saw it right away when we pulled in and I thought, what the hell?

Looking at it from behind I was still thinking, what the hell?  It's sooo wide.  Even with the wings clippped.
I don't know anything about planes, but it looks like something from the 1940s with its stubby bulbous nose and tiny windows.  The kind of plane you'd see in a black and white film.
I could see stuff inside, through the windows.  Like someone was moving and crammed all their shit inside their vintage airplane that they're either bringing to the new home to use in the yard as a conversation piece, or that they're going to actually make into their new home.
I didn't see anyone in the truck hauling it, but I wish I had.  I would have loved to have the scoop on it.    
Who knows, he might be heading in the same direction.  Maybe I'll see him down the road somewhere.  If not, then...

Bon Voyage!

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C T Dunn said...

Douglas DC-3, most reliable airplane in history. People and cargo mover(C-47).

The Daily Rant said...

CT DUNN: Thanks for the input! So is the year about right? 1940s? Or earlier?

Anonymous said...

I may be a bit late. (Or more than a bit) but this is definitely NOT a DC-3. Judging from the number of windows, it's a Lockheed Model 14 Super Electra. The big sister (aircraft are female, as you may know) of the aircraft Amelia Earhart flew when she disappeared. It was from the late 1930s.

If you need more info, try wikipedia:


The Netherlands

Remove Before Flight said...

Awesome aircraft !