Sunday, June 08, 2014

Life's A Peach

It's peach season!!!  I'm so excited.  I've been waiting for this all winter.  I'm totally jonesin' for a fresh peach!  

The picture is a drive-by - see the blur in the grass?  Roadside stands are open and peaches are aplenty! 

Photo snapped while whizzing through Gaffney, South Carolina.

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Gil said...

Enjoy a few dozen for Anne and me as the ones they have shipped up here are nothing to rave about. Even the ones at Whole Foods that Anne bought this afternoon.

Decorina said...

I always loved that water tower/peach. I'm waiting for the west slope peaches here in Denver. They are grown in Grand Junction and should be here in July. I love them so much sometimes I just drive over there to get some.