Monday, October 06, 2014

How To Achieve 365 Days Of Perfection

So I was looking at JLo's Instagram feed the other night and noticed a particularly gorgeous picture of her (as if you can find any bad ones) and then saw that someone in the comment section said, "It looks like JLo is using the Perfect 365 app."

Color me intrigued.

I immediately logged into the App Store and downloaded the app.

Then I tested it out.

This first picture was taken on May 19, 2014 before I got my hair cut.  The lighting in the truck isn't the best to be taking pictures in - they're halogen overhead lights which cast shadows - and unless I'm looking directly into the light, face up, there's inevitably a shadow somewhere.  Especially under the eyes.

But just look at the difference the app makes.  One swoop with the "Natural" filter, which keeps everything closest to the original photo, and I'm rendered flawless.  Like a magazine photo.

Same with this second photo, taken July 24, 2014.  This photo was taken in the same spot in the truck, but for some reason it's a little hazier.  Who cares about the haze.  Look at the SKIN.  

Flaw. Freakin'. Less.
Believe me, I know I'm no JLo, but this app is amazing.  It gives me the skin of my twenties and thirties.  Oh, how I miss that skin.

It just makes me realize something I've already known - that most of what you see in a magazine is created with good lighting, airbrushing, and creative photo editing techniques.  Or just good genes.  Or Botox.  Who can know anymore?  It also shows how it's virtually impossible to achieve that level of perfection every day of your life, like they want you to believe all these models and celebrities do.

So if you see me in real life, on the fuel island, or in the mall, just know that what you're going to get is the me in the photos on the left.  

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Belledog said...

I think you are beautiful in all the pictures.

You need to find an app that would show what Goya or Modigliani or Gainesborough would have done with your portrait. You have wonderful features.

I see Rembrandt or Vermeer for Trucker Ed.