Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Leaving San Diego In A Lavender Glow

So I guess it was wishful thinking to assume I'd be able to post daily from the cruise ship. Between my Verizon signal and their ship internet, I'd be lucky to get out an S.O.S. in time.  The connection, as one might imagine while at sea, is abysmal.

I'm having serious withdrawals from the great world wide web.  My world on the ship is not very wide, to say the least.

So you may notice batch postings.  Their will still be a post daily - 
à la The Daily Rant - but they will come in bunches, when I get internet.

I'll mostly be doing photos, but will include descriptions when time and internet permit. This first photo was taken as we pulled out of the San Diego harbor just before sunset.


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