Monday, January 05, 2015

Our House, In The Middle Of Our Street

Our friends from Life With No Fixed Address are joining us at home again.  They'll be here tomorrow.  I sent them the above photo with an enticing email that said,

Dear Guest,

We heard you may be returning!  We'd like to remind you of all Chez Toni has to offer:

• Complimentary WiFi
• Complimentary Parking
• Unlimited Bottled Water
• Breakfast (no voucher needed)
• Seamstress Services
• Complimentary Guest Laundry
• Dinner for Two
• Car Service for Local Errands
• Private Suite with a view of "The Mountain"

We hope your plans include another visit. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Hospitably Yours,
Ed & Salena

We really enjoy having them around and are thrilled to have met and kept such great trucking friends.  We have wined, dined, and even been on vacation together.  We are looking forward to our time together in 2015, some of which we've already started planning for.

This is going to be such a great week!

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Gil said...

Hope that they arrived on time and you all had a good time!