Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pug Life

This is Riley. She's a Pug. She belongs to my friend Kim.

She's over 11 years old now. I started dating Ed around the time I met Riley. She was a puppy then, a tiny, smelly, obnoxious little puppy who used to take everything out of my purse with her stinky little snout.

Now she's got a bad hip, limps across the room, breathes like Darth Vader, most of the time her tongue just hangs out of her mouth as she pants, she sheds like a tree in Fall, and she's still as pugly as the first day I met her.

She looks like a disgruntled old man. But my friend Kim loves her to death, so when I go over to visit, I just shoo her toward Kim and try not to look at those giant buggy eyes.

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