Monday, December 23, 2013

Shopping, Wrapping And Eating Is Exhausting

Today I found myself in the store again.  Shopping.  I just had a few more things to pick up for my gifts, and then I had to finish my grocery shopping.  But before I did that, I had to fit in a stop at the dentist.  I know.  Could my morning suck any more than that??

Our friends Marlaina and MacGyver made it to the house by late afternoon.  They came from Canada, heading to California, and were stopping to spend a few days with us.  They had to head across Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas at the time they were having a terrible ice storm.  We were watching it on the news, texting them hourly (while they were awake, that is).

MacGyver was feeling a little sniffly, so they decided to sit and wait it out.  Any trucker knows that sitting trumps driving on ice any day of the week.  Smart drivers sit in that kind of weather.  I'll tell you right now that there is no load in the world that I'd drive over ice for.  We knew they'd make it if and when it could be done safely.

We did a round of musical trailers in order to make room for them to get into the driveway, but what Ed did still wasn't good enough because when they got here, he had to move it again.  I stayed in the house and finished wrapping presents - the three of them seemed to be handling the backing in just fine.  Besides, backing isn't my strong point, and although I can probably direct an ocean liner into a deep sea berth just by watching Ed back his truck into teeny tiny holes for almost ten years, I had other stuff to do.

Once the truck was backed in, they got their stuff together and moved into the guest room.  Then, they had showers.  There's nothing like a shower in a real house after you've been on the road driving for days.

My brother and his family joined us for dinner, my mother made her famous chicken soup, and then we opened some presents.  It was a very busy and very loud exchange.  

Tomorrow I have a lot to do and at the moment, pulling it off seems impossible.  

Now, I sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays from the Canadian West coast

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays from the Canadian West coast