Friday, December 20, 2013

Trimming The Family Tree

We got home just in time today to help my brother and his family trim their tree.  Ed and I stopped by because we needed to park our trailer at his house.  We are expecting our friends to join us for Christmas and we already have one trailer in our driveway - we're able to park both of ours at the house, but definitely don't have room for three.  My brother helped solve that problem by generously allowing us to temporarily park at his place.

When we went into the house, we noticed the tree was up and the lights were on, but there were no ornaments yet.  Something had to be done!  Eddie was the first one on the task.  I sent one of my nephews out to the truck to get my laptop so I could broadcast my Christmas playlist, and we started to grab the ornaments and fill the tree.  Here, Eddie adjusts the star.  It was what my mother would call "la gershk".  I don't even know what that word means, but she's been saying it all my life and it generally means "askew".

My brother has hundreds of ornaments.  Hundreds.  Imagine a family of five - mother, father, three children - and all the ornaments that family could accumulate over twenty years.  Every year the kids get ornaments, not just from their parents, but from family members and grandparents of course.  And my brother and his wife have exchanged ornaments every year too.  Picking up each one and seeing the dates on them was such fun.

There were even hand sewn ornaments from when my brother and I were kids - they had 1975 written on them in magic marker, in my mother's hand.  Between the music and the promise of dinner on the horizon, we banged out that tree in no time at all.  These are cell phone photos, so they're not the best, but it looked beautiful!  I love how the lights reflect on the wood floor.  
All that's left now is to get some presents under that baby!

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Marlaina said...

It's a lovely tree. I love the light at Christmas. Twinkling from the living rooms of people who get to stay in the same place for the holidays.

We're being held by by weather. See you soon.