Saturday, December 07, 2013

Getting Robbed On The Way OUT Of New York

We were in the wrong lane.

And it cost us $27.48.

On the way out of the JFK, we took the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, over Staten Island, to eventually meet up with I-95 South to take us to Florida.

With the traffic, we got squeezed over to the wrong lane.  Apparently, the CASH ONLY lane.  When the girl in the booth said, "Cash only," Ed asked her how much it was.

"Eighty dollars."

"EIGHTY DOLLARS??" We said in unison.

"Eighty dollars."  Deadpan.

"Eighty dollars??" Ed asked again.  "For the toll?  Eighty?"


I was pissed.  Of course you're not allowed to, but I was telling him, "Back up.  The other lane is open."  If you'll notice, the sign in front of Booth 21 states "Do Not Pack Up".  Packing up gets you a 2-point summons.  

There was some sort of transit cop in the booth with her.  There was no getting out of it.

We use the E-ZPass program but the girl in the booth wouldn't honor it.  Even with the device in hand, even when offering our E-ZPass account number.

Ed asked how much it was with E-ZPass.  She said, "Fifty-two dollars."  I looked it up - it's actually $52.52.

So in order to get out of that booth, we had to pay.  But I am calling them on Monday, and you'd better believe I'm going to get that $27.48 back.

We also won't be making that mistake again.  

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Belledog said...

That's interesting. So EZ Pass is a discount program, too. I did not know; figured it was just a faster way to collect a toll.

Good luck getting the difference back -- let us know how you fare (pun, pun, pun).

Anonymous said...

Funny that she couldn't redeem your ezpass but could sell you one.

Gil said...

Anonymous, I don't think toll collectors sell E-ZPasses. Check their website. I think that the toll collector couldn't take Salena's E-ZPass as the toll collector was only set up to handle cash. If I remember correctly E-ZPass lanes aren't set up to take cash either!

Pat said...

The VN is an amazing bridge. If it makes you feel better, I had to pay $266 to cross it and they made me do it on foot. :)

Seriously, I hope they help you out.

The Daily Rant said...

BELLEDOG: I actually didn't realize the discount was so good. And it's definitely faster.

ANONYMOUS: The E-Z Pass is a unit that you out on the window. We didn't need to buy one of those, but it would have been nice for her to take our account number and charge us that rate. Eh, you live and learn, right?

GIL: Likely you're right about that.

PAT: Wow. Didn't realize the marathon rates were so high. What an accomplishment though! I know you had fun in NY. And you have a much better story than me bitching about the tooth booth collector. :)

Mick said...

Good job you didn't pack up and back up as well! We have a road sign here in Keswick which for many years said " No Papking" instead of parking.