Monday, December 09, 2013

ALL Weather Is Tarping Weather Now

A shot of the new curtainside trailer among the palm trees in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  We went from 40 degrees to 83 back to 40.  Ed is very happy that he didn't have to tarp...just slide open....then slide closed.

He's loving this trailer a little too much - the way he talks about how great it is, I should probably be jealous.

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Belledog said...

It's lovely.

Got to be saving you hours.

Gil said...

Looks good! Does the fully enclosed trailer reduce fuel mileage?

Ed said...

Gil, right now we are watching the MPG. So far I'd say empty we are at about 7.5 MPG. That is a .6 MPG improvement. It has a lift axle that I am trying to set it so we can drive with it lifted while we drive the trailer empty. I am putting super singles on the trailer also in the near future and I am betting that empty we will be just under 8 MPG. On a side note, I am looking at a new engine that should get us around 8.5 to 9 MPG. All things considered to take this truck from the 5.5 it was at to almost 9 will be exciting.

Scott said...

Can you take it off and break it down to carry an oversize load?

Ed said...

Scott, it can be removed, but not easily enough to do it for one or two loads. So no oversized loads. There is a version of this tarping system that can be run while the deck of the trailer is completely exposed without the system being removed, but it is time consuming to convert. Short answer is that we wont be doing any OD loads with this trailer. If we were to completely remove this system, the trailer will work well as a standard flatbed.