Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Found A Few Gifts To Flip For

I'm thinking someone was drinking a whole lotta milk to get this project off its feet.  The end result is worth it though.

And if you want to add even more color to your life, take a trip to one of these cities.  We've been to St. John's, Newfoundland and saw the beautiful houses that line the sea.

Do you have a few minutes of your life to lose?  If so, watch this.

And while on the subject of cats....having one in your pocket?  Close to your heart?  Genius!

I only have two initials (thanks, Mom!) but at different points in my life, I wish I had three.  Just so I could have something monogrammed.

And you wonder what eagles do all day.

This is a wonderful gift idea.  If I weren't so behind on my Christmas shopping, everyone would be getting one.  Maybe I'll buy them for Valentine's Day.  Or Easter.

For all the Airstream aficionados out there.  My brother said, "Very cool.  A little too much wood grain.  Sort of a wood milkshake vomit explosion."  I'm thinking he's not so much of an Airstream aficionado.

Need a holiday recipe?  How can one go wrong with fried chicken?  And this recipe looks like it'd be a crowd pleaser.  It'll be one of the first meals I make when I get back to the house.

Another wonderful gift idea for those of you with extra time on your hands.  You have two weeks.  How hard can it be to put together a gift in a jar??

And this little beauty I'm definitely putting on my list.  It doesn't even have to be a Christmas gift.  It can be an anytime gift.  Like now.  Or January.  Or you know, Valentine's Day...

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