Friday, December 27, 2013

Remember The Christmas When...

Yesterday one of my nephews broke his collarbone.  In three places.

This will forever be known to him as "the Christmas I broke my collarbone".  Or maybe just "the Christmas that sucked because I can no longer wrestle/play baseball/ride bikes/jump on the trampoline or push one of my brothers and blame the other one".  I completely sympathize with him because I have literally felt his pain.

I broke my collarbone once too.  In a school bus accident.  Second day of school, bus flipped over on its side - the side I was sitting on - and the kids from the other side of the bus fell on me, crushing my collarbone.  Mine was the worst, and I think only, serious injury in the accident.  If I remember correctly, the bus driver swerved to miss a huge branch in the road that had fallen during a storm and went up on an embankment, which caused the bus to flip on its side.  My parents arrived at the accident scene with my mother still in her pajamas.

I had to wear a brace for several weeks.  I got out of doing a lot of chores.  I think my brother resented that part because I remember him asking when I was going to be better.  And not because he was concerned about my welfare.

My break wasn't like this though, I had a clean break in one spot.  My nephew's is all zig-zag.  Surprisingly, the doctor said because of his age, and because he's still growing, surgery is not recommended. That he should just wear the sling and the bones will find their place and fuse back together.  All he'll have to do is go back in a few weeks for a follow-up x-ray.

I visited him today and he seemed pretty bummed out.  And why wouldn't he be?  He's a teenage boy.  They never stop moving and playing.  I have a feeling his video game finger is going to get a whole lot of exercise over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I think all the attention being given to him will certainly take the attention off my perceived lasagna disaster.

See?  Silver lining.

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