Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dead Ant, Dead Ant, Dead Ant, Dead Ant, Dead Ant, Dead Ant, Dead Ant....

(Picture courtesy of Discovery Channel Store)

I got my nephew an "ant gel habitat" for his birthday; we use to call them ant farms. He seemed to think it was very cool. My sister-in-law is another story. I think she envisioned ants marching through the house at night.

I mean, they do have three boys; do you really think the boys are going to let the ants stay in their own little house when they can set them free and have 5,000 square feet to roam in? Doubtful.

I didn't purchase ants for the habitat because I thought it would add to the fun of the gift if my nephew went into the yard and got his own ants; because who freakin' buys ants when they are free all over the damn place??

That idea didn't go over as well as I had thought it would. Seems the ants in the yard aren't "good enough." After several phone calls to local pet stores and the University of Arizona entomology department (oh, and one pest control place thinking they might be able to tell us where to find the good ants) we surprisingly came up with nothing.

So it looks like I'll be purchasing ants from Ants Alive and having them mailed to the house.

Let's just hope they're still actually still alive when they get there.

Dead Ant, Dead Ant...


Anonymous said...

You always make me laugh! This was the best.
Ed's mom

Anonymous said...

too funny! I can't imagine having to go searching to find ants! LOL