Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Lesser Known King Of Romance

Tonight while watching TV, we saw a commercial that featured Englebert Humperdinck, which sparked Ed to ask my mother what she thought of Engelbert. Big mistake.

My mother went on to say how when she was younger, she knew some other people who were sooo into him, went to his concerts, bought the records, even my sisters liked him and oh, Tom Jones too because all the girls thought he was so sexy and tried to get tickets to his concerts but no, she never was a big fan of Engelbert.

Then, as usual, she goes off track completely and tells Ed, "Although, my mother loved to say his name; Engelbert. Engelbert Humperdinck. And she, oh she was a big fan of Jewelio....no, Hoo... Hoo..... Ummm.... What is that guy's name?? Oh, now I remember! Oolio. She really loved the music of Oolio Ahnglaze. And he was soooo handsome."

I said, "Oolio??"

"Yes, Oolio. Ahn... Ahh... Oolio ENglaze." So proud of herself for thinking she got the pronunciation right this time.

Ed says, "Ohhhh, Oolio! Yes, yes, I know him. He's the distant cousin of Julio Iglesias."


"He's the one that didn't make it big."

My mother looked at both of us like we were cracked, because she's absolutely sure that his name is Oolio. Emphasis on the "Oooo" part.

When we explained that his name was Julio Iglesias and told her the correct pronunciation, she got such a kick out of herself and started giggling, that I thought she was going to get up and play his CD.

Thank God she didn't, because I was really in the mood to hear Oolio.

You know; the lesser known cousin.


Katie McKenna said...

lol.. too cute! Your mum sounds adorable!

Anonymous said...

Daughters ....
I remember when I used to fall down laughing at my Mom and here I am .... I sound just like your Mom, just ask Susanne!
I can't stand Engelbert and I love "Hulio" ... his son is cute too.
Then, did you ever hear of Andre Rieu, or is it Andre Ruei .... no I think it's Andre Riue.
Ask Susanne, she corrects me all the time - now - I love his music - ahhhhhhhhhhhh
It's nice to be past 60, because when you get to our age, we giggle and we K N O W!
You know what we know .... you will know one day too.
We are The Knowing Ones now!
Love ya! Christmas Blessings!