Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sexier Than The Rockettes

Last night, we went to see La Femme at the MGM Grand. Twelve gorgeous women, bathed in a fantastic light show, displaying themselves as flawless pieces of nude Parisian art.

All of the dancers performed with the Crazy Horse dance troupe in Paris. This showroom is a small theater modeled exactly after the original, making you feel as if you were watching the show right there in the City of Light. Picture taking wasn't allowed but when have you ever known me to follow rules? That's my attempt at secret photography up there. I was stealth; they never saw a thing.

After seeing the show, Eddie decided we were adding Paris to our European tour; gee, I wonder if the nude dancers had anything to do with his decision?

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Katie McKenna said...

lol.. Paris is worth seeing regardless!

Love the colours!