Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Plum Is Missing

I'm writing this post because I want to tell my readers all I know about where the Plum Trucker went:


That's right, folks, I know nothing. She has not posted on her blog since October 26th. Normally, if someone decides to abandon blogging, they'll do a final blog post, but since that didn't happen, I really have no explanation.

She hasn't authorized any comments to go through (I know, I've left some), she hasn't responded to any emails I've sent her, and she's no longer showing up on my Google Latitude tracking software (all of us trucker friends have added each other so we know where we all are). I sent another email yesterday, but again, haven't heard anything. I haven't called because I feel a little awkward since it's pretty clear she doesn't want to communicate.

There was a little fracas in the comments section of
this post and I thought maybe what I said caused her to be upset - it was the only thing I could think of, since she stopped writing shortly after - but then I went back and re-read it several times and came to the conclusion that it wasn't rude at all. I even contacted Kendall's mother via Facebook - who is super-nice and has been on my friend list for quite some time now - asking her about them and what was up, but she didn't respond either.

RuthAnn had been texting with her but didn't have any idea what was going on. According to Kendall's mother, in one of her Facebook posts, they have "big news" but she wasn't sure if she was allowed to talk about it on Facebook, so she hasn't. I'm not really sure what that could be - I did write her and ask, but that's the message she didn't answer.

At first, we were all worried. When you don't see hide nor hair of someone that you've made friends with, suddenly you think the worst - are they in a ditch? did something happen with their truck? are they hurt? But when months went by and there was no word, and I knew they'd been home for the holidays, and I knew they were still working (RuthAnn could still track them on Latitude), I started to wonder.

And I'm not the only one. I've had no less then twelve people contact me in the last few weeks, asking about Plum - people I know, my readers, her readers. I've gotten emails and messages through the comments section of my blog. In fact, I just got another one yesterday.

I am very curious to know what's going on. They're great kids and I'd love to know what's happening in their life and why they've stopped all communication with everyone (well, us trucking folks). I hope everything is going well, I hope they had a great holiday, I hope they have a good new year and I really hope to hear from them soon.

In the meantime, keep them in your thoughts. And Plum, if you're reading this - we miss you!!

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Angela said...

I'd noticed that she'd stopped blogging but I just kinda figured with the holiday season picking up they were just too busy to blog. I remember having to force myself to blog sometimes while OTR. I too hope all is well with her and Kendall.

june in florida said...

Hopefully she is still reading and knows how much she is missed, glad you let us know you have been trying.

Anonymous said...

Yeah people start the blogs you follow them and they stop cold for no reason it would be nice to let the followers know what is going on? THey are is not the only one?

Scott said...

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your blog. I don't comment much, but enjoy reading about your travels and seeing the pictures.

Rita said...

I miss her blog too. In fact I was going to ask you today if you heard from her. I hope that Plum Trucker returns.

Belledog said...

Is a mystery. Hope it's solved soon, and satisfactorily for all.

ELH said...

Salena, could there be a bun in the oven???? That certainly could cause mega probs to a driving team....I sure hope all is well and we can hear from them soon, really miss them....

Gil said...

I hope that my teasing you about names on belts didn't have anything to do with your disappearance from the blogging World. I tried to apologize for what I thought was kidding and you thought was an insult at least once. Again, I am sorry about that, but hope that you and Kendall are okay and are continuing to enjoy life.

The Daily Rant said...

Boy, this is going to be a long one…

GIGI: Yeah, at first I thought they might have been busy too, but because she isn’t a daily blogger, I didn’t think much about it. But then so much time went by, I figured something was up.

JUNE: Exactly – if she’s reading, she’ll definitely know how missed she is.

ANONYMOUS 1: I agree – it would be nice if she said something. I’ve often clicked over to someone’s blog I’d been reading and all of a sudden, nothing. Ever again.

SCOTT: How nice of you - you’re so welcome! I’m really glad you enjoy the blog posts and the pictures. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

ELH said...

Salena, we all sure hope they're ok..I feel you above all should get a response because if my memory is correct, you and ed were the main inspirations for them to get into trucking and start their new lifes journey about a year and a half ago...and didn't you also help with their post design?? I know you both have given them advise and tips along the way..it just seems very odd with the large following they had to just up and disappear..let's all hope for the best for both of them, and maybe someday they'll inform us as to their whereabouts..

Anonymous said...

Heads Carolina and tails Califorina is also out of date last on was end of November. Yes I know spelling mistake oops Happy New Year everyone

The Daily Rant said...

ANONYMOUS 11:09AM: Yes, Diane from Heads Carolina/Tails California did stop blogging for a while. She's not a driver, but she goes on the road with her husband. She quit the road for a year or so to pursue a business with her friend. But she's back to blogging now and has a post up as recent as this past November.

Check her out: http://shantztravels.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Diane's Mom passed away

Txjerry2 said...

Thanks for this post. I had been following plum trucker since they went to driving school. Was so surprised that she just stopped. Knowing Con-Way you can loose that job almost at any time for any reason. Guess that is not it as some are still seeing them move about. Again thanks for the information. Take care.

The Daily Rant said...

Txjerry2: You're welcome. Glad to hear you've been following them. Apparently, a lot of people are. I'm still getting emails and messages via Facebook inquiring about their whereabouts. I hope they didn't lose their job, but again, I have no idea. There are a lot of us who hope to see them resurface soon. Thanks for the comment. Have a great new year!