Thursday, December 15, 2011

If It Ain't Sweet, It Ain't Southern Made

Yesterday while in Shreveport, Louisiana we came across a famous, local donut shop - Southern Maid. The "Hot Donuts" neon sign is clearly visible from Interstate 20, beckoning. Apparently, they're the South's "finest donut". We shall see...
I read in the history page on their website that Elvis frequented this location while in town to perform on the Louisiana Hayride radio show. Elvis, really? I had to check it out.

The donuts are almost identical to the Krispy Kreme style, glazed and sweet enough to give you a cavity. This is not my favorite kind of donut as I prefer the cakey style of Dunkin', but I had to try them since I was here so Ed and I each got one. He had a maple bar and I had a cream cheese donut - which is like a Boston Creme but with thicker, cream cheesy-like filling. It was good, but damn, these southerners really like their treats sweet; fudge, pralines, taffy, pecan pie, bourbon balls, moon pies, peach cobler, etc. The list seems endless.

There was one girl working the counter and I saw three people in the back. I could see through the window rows of donuts waiting to be dropped into hot oil, then dipped in their sugar sweet glaze. The girl working the counter didn't know anything about Elvis, but she did point me to a wall at the very end of the building that displayed pictures of stars that apparently had eaten or created music about these donuts. Wherever you can find your inspiration, I say.

From what the website said, this is also the only product Elvis ever did a commercial for. He sang their jingle; "You can get them piping hot after 4 P.M., you can get them piping hot, Southern Maid Donuts hits the spot, you can get them piping hot after 4 P.M." Not very creative, but hey - it's Elvis - I'm sure it was a big hit.

So if you're in Shreveport, be sure to stop by. After 4pm, of course.

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The Girl said...

I read ou log on my google feed. Been reading for a couple of years and just want to thank you for showing me parts of the US I wouldn't normally get to see. So, thanks,

Belledog said...

The light is just right for those pictures.

Speaking on another confection from the South -- highly recommend the Gone with the Wind exhibit in Gadsden, Alabama, which closes on December 23.

Focuses more on the film which premiered in Atlanta, than on the book's 75th anniversary of publication.

Excellent collection of costumes, Margaret Mitchell artifacts/correspondence, a lot of hand-painted promotional pieces from the Atlanta opening (the four stars' faces; stunning, really), GWTW merchandise -- it was the original movie tie-in. (Perfume, lingerie, sheet music ...) Plus GWTW posters in languages you won't recognize.

Six bucks well spent, and Gadsden's "historic" downtown is cheerily illuminated. Plus a good coffee shop a few blocks away.

Exhibit is apparently two-three major collectors' treasures, and some are going to auction, so you won't see this exhibit again.

John said...

I can feel that this Southern Maid Donuts Brand is tasty and delicious although I didn't see the actual picture of their donuts but I can feel it :))

Unknown said...

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