Monday, December 12, 2011

The Champion Of Our Cause, The Protector Of Our Dreams

I was reading an article online yesterday, something about that douchebag Rick Santorum trying to explain why he's the "clear choice" for the Teabaggers and Republicans in the upcoming presidential race. He was blathering on about how the other candidates are too much like Obama to be set apart from him. I'm not even sure why Rick Santorum is wasting his time in a race he has no chance to win, place or show in.

Anyway, among the normal idiotic Republican crap left in the comments section (who knew they could even read??), was one of the best comments I've ever seen anywhere. I don't remember the name of the person who left it, not that it matters, but what he wrote was spot on.

This is what he had to say:

"The more you Republican­s talk, the more irrelevant your points become. "Newt-Romney" can't hold a candle to President Obama.

We have a President who is articulate­, intelligen­t and well-educa­ted, yet street smart, urbane and internatio­nal, yet down-to-ea­rth, sensible, c­ompassiona­te, moderate, a good listener as well as a leader who supports unionized workers and yet wins the support of billionair­es like Warren Buffett. "Obamacare­" is not perfect and will require many adjustment­s, but like Medicare and Social Security, it will provide for the millions of Americans who cannot afford healthcare today and are declaring bankruptcy over medical costs.

He respects people regardless of their gender, sexual orientatio­n, wealth (or lack thereof), religious persuasion­, race, ethnicity or national origin. He is a "Statue of Liberty" patriot who both deserves his Nobel Peace Prize and who will not put us into a third world war. His administra­tion has a stellar record on bringing terrorists to justice, while at the same time possessing an ability to seek peace through negotiatio­n rather dividing through belligeran­t bigotry. He respects our immigrant and native origins and he respects the need for just and compassion­ate law enforcemen­t.

I'm betting that Americans who are experienci­ng hardship are going to recognize that he champions their cause and is working hard to meet their needs and protect their dreams. And what's more, he is likeable, is a great Dad, and is faithful to his wife."


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Dixie said...


Gil said...

Pretty sad that those low life tea baggers have so much money and so few brains.

Anonymous said...

you ppl are idiots if u think obummer is looking after the working class...only thing he cares about is how many vacations we have to pay for....your an embarasment salena...and plz no more pics of yourself...nausea sets in....

The Daily Rant said...


"your" should be "you're". That's YOU + ARE = YOU'RE. It's a contraction. You should have learned that in grade school.

"embarasment" should be "embarrassment". Should have learned that in grade school too.

Of course, since you're using "text speak" in conversation - ppl, u, plz - I can see why remembering how to spell complete words might escape you.

That's exactly why I'll be voting Barack Obama in for a second term. He values education (which is displayed over and over again in his "articulate, intelligent, well educated" way of communicating) and hopefully, he'll get the rest of the country to get on the same bandwagon supporting it.

If he does, maybe someday, generations from now, we can eradicate people who can't spell when leaving a comment trying to express their opinion.

As for the nausea you're experiencing from seeing my pictures - how long exactly has this been going on, because the last pictures I posted of myself were on December 5 (8 days ago) and November 29 (14 days ago).

Have you been wanting to throw up for two full weeks now, and just decided to comment about it today, or did you read the last two weeks of my posts all in one sitting and then decide to give me an update on your physical condition?

Whichever it is, you always have a choice you know. You can use that little mousey thing to close the page - unless of course, someone has tied you to a chair and is forcing you to read my blog?

Gotta run - have to see if I can dig up another picture of my delicious mug! :)

Gil said...

Nice post! Put up a new and original mug shot....

Anonymous said...

Politics can get ugly, that is why I stay out of it. This is an example of why I stay in shape and have security cameras, systems etc. These people scare me and they are out here running around with the rest of us. You never know what they are capable of.