Monday, December 05, 2011

Trucker Love Notes

This morning when Ed got up to take a shower, he came back into the sleeper and said, "We had a little visit from someone."

"What do you mean?" I said.

"Someone left a note on the truck." he said.

"Really? Don't tell me. What does it say?" I asked, annoyed, since we found a note once before that wasn't very nice.

So he read it to me. "Who do you think it's from?" he said. "It's unsigned."

So I immediately consulted the Google Latitude app on my phone to see who was nearby; I knew it had to be someone who knew us and our truck. And I was right.

Guess who it was?? RuthAnn Bradbury!!!

I don't know how long I've "known" RuthAnn and Brad of All Things Bradbury since meeting them on the internet via my blog, but it's been a while. And I know for sure it's longer the Plum Trucker knows her, and longer than Kelly (formerly known as the Lipstick Trucker) knows her.

Why then, I ask you, did they get to meet her before I got to meet her?? That they got a hug before me? That they got to lay their eyes on her wavy ginger mane before me? (Which, by the way, is super soft.) I felt so left out. Oh, the unfairness in the world!

But that's just the way it works out in the trucking world, their paths crossed before ours. Can't fault anyone for that, right? It's all logistics.

But my friends....Eddie and I got to meet RuthAnn!!! Not only is she the softest little bundle of woman ever, but her voice is like caramel, just covering you with gooey goodness. Unfortunately, Brad was very under the weather and didn't even emerge from the truck, but RuthAnn did stress that he was going to be upset that he missed us. Well, that leaves something for next time, right?

We sat around the truck for a while chit-chatting before we headed off to dinner at Carrabba's for some Italian. I was so happy to be sitting across the table from her; not only was she a seasoned trucker and a native of West Virginia (one of my favorite states!), but she's easy to talk to, interesting, and feisty enough to
speak her mind when the urge hits her. What's not to love?

She's definitely the mama bear of our group. She's always concerned about everyone; if one of us hasn't blogged in a while, she wants to know where we've been. If we drop off of Latitude, she calls. If we're near the house, she invites us for dinner. She's wonderful.

And I'm so glad she left us a little love note and gave us the opportunity to get some real hugs from her.

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all things bradbury said...

gosh, i'm gonna have to take one of my t-shirts and rip it into strips and wrap my head up tight int hem to keep it from swelling after all that!....the pleasure in our meeting was definatly mine! have no idea how hard it was to keep from banging on your door that morning, but i am so thrilled that our loads worked out the way we did and allowed us the time to visit!....the visit, dinner, the conversation was great! and eddie are both so warm and interesting and i had a great time....can't wait to cross paths again!