Friday, December 30, 2011

They Really Mean It When They Say, "We Come To You"

Yesterday Ed took the truck to the shop to have some motor mounts replaced; the truck has over 400,000 miles on it now and it was time. I haven't driven in it yet, but Ed said there was a noticeable reduction in vibration. In this case, that's a good thing.

Today we had the passenger side window replaced. There was a crack creeping up from the bottom and as I mentioned
in this post when we got our driver's side window done earlier this year in California, that it's an FMCSA no-no. The guy who repaired it this time actually came to our house!
Nice guy, originally from Romania (which I was thrilled to find out!), who used to be a truck driver himself for thirty years. Ed and he had much to discuss. With all the chit-chat the two of them were doing, it probably took longer than normal, but in the end we had a bright, shiny new windshield! It was beautiful.

This is the third window we've installed on this truck since we got it. It's so convenient that these guys come to you, but coming to the house was the best deal because while Ed went out to meet the guy, I got to sleep late. I needed my energy - to run errands, do returns and hit Nordstrom Rack in the afternoon.


Gil said...

Give Ed an A+ for the cleanliness of that engine compartment!!!

Nusa Lembongan said...

What a huge truck, in my town there are no such big truck.

Belledog said...

Here's a confection for today (not related to your topic, but happy New Year's Eve to all):

(All that lovely Southwest sun! Not used to being back on the East coast yet.)

june in florida said...

Happy New Year Ed and Selena, thank you for all your posts, you are very much appreciated.

Honda accord engine said...

I have seen this type of truck in backyard sometime ago, but the thing it is bigger then that.