Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Service With A Smile

After we delivered our load in California, we had a few things to get done. First, we had to get the truck washed, it was covered in road salt and looked terrible. What an amazing transformation once the guys at Little Sister’s gave her a bath. She was gleaming!

After the bath, we had to get the oil changed. That didn't take long and after we finished, we headed out to get a bite (priorities, people). Last on the To Do list was getting our windshield fixed. A while back, we got a little "star" chip in the windshield from a rock that kicked up from the road. This week with the freezing cold weather outside (so cold that the pipe in our sink froze!) after Ed washed the windshield and got into the truck, he noticed that the star had turned into a crack.

As we drove across the country, that crack started creeping across the windshield and then up, up, up. We were concerned that we would get stopped and DOT would see the crack before we had a chance to get it fixed. According to the FMCSA regulations, you can't have any obstructions above the steering wheel. At that point, it was still hovering just below the top edge of the steering wheel. Whew!

Once we got to California and the weather warmed up, the ice in the sink melted and when we stopped for fuel, got the name of an auto glass place that would come out and fix the windshield for us. We called them and made an appointment for the next morning.

So we made our way to our "secret" parking spot, set up camp for the night and set the alarm to wake in time for us to meet the glassman. He called to say that he was running a little late (calling automatically gave him extra points), that he had hit a little traffic, and he would see us just a half-hour after our original appointed time.

He showed up with a great smile and a great attitude. His name was Nick (that's him up there in the picture) and he was with Advanced Auto Glass, Inc., a family owned business. Ed was outside when he arrived and stayed there while Nick got his equipment together and started working on the truck.

He was one of the nicest guys we've ever done business with. He was chatty, personable, friendly and interested. He asked questions about our business, told Ed a little about himself and his family (yes, I was eavesdropping) and continued to work tirelessly on the windshield. He didn't have one shred of attitude, which is often what we come across in service industry businesses; people who act like they're doing you a favor. I would use this guy over and over again and recommend him to anyone in the area who needed windshield repair. It's kind of an odd situation, because how often does one crack a windshield? Still, I'd still tell people about the service we got from him and hand out his number in a heartbeat.

In no time at all, he installed the driver side windshield, fixed a little teeny star on the passenger side window and gave us a great can of glass cleaner - the "good stuff". I used it on my mirrors in the truck right away and they sparkled like glass. Well, because you know, they are glass.

Nick has now been immortalized on the blog and you've seen his friendly face, so if you're cruising through California and you happen to see him toting around shiny panels of glass, surprise him with an big 'ol wave!

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Gil said...

Meeting people like him proves that there is is still plenty of hope for the USA!