Friday, January 25, 2008

How A Four Year Old Can Make You Feel Like Crap For Trying To Get Out Of Doing Yard Work

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been working in the yard with my nephews; against my will, of course.

Yesterday, the youngest came running up to me, jumped in my lap, threw his hands around my neck, scooched his face close to mine and asked, "Aunt Salena, will you come outside and play with me?"

"Sure," I said. "What are we going to do?"



"Yeah, dig. I'll even let you wear my glubs." Gloves. OK, this game is not sounding fun already. I have to wear gloves? And dig? Nuh uh.

We went outside, he handed me a rake and then proceeded to tell me where my "area" was and what I was supposed to rake. I did as I was told, but the whole time I was thinking, he tricked me. He told me we were going to play, yet this is suspiciously similar to yardwork. And I don't do yardwork.

I watched him go back and forth, raking the leaves into piles and then shoveling the piles into the wheelbarrow. I said, "You like doing this?"

He answered, "I LOVE doing this."

"Really? Why?"

"Because it helps Nana."

I had no response. A four year old who likes doing yardwork to help his Nana?

Can't get a better answer than that.

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chez bez said...

Wow. That kid should teach a class.