Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is It Really SO Hard??

I should start a "Pet Peeve" category because I have SO many of them.

Today I went to renew my membership at Blockbuster. It's not really something I use often, as Ed and I see so many movies in the theater, that we rarely need to rent anything, but since we are in town, I wanted to be able to get some new releases that I might have missed.

I gave my driver's license and credit card to the guy behind the counter. While he was entering my information in the computer, I browsed the store and made my selections.

When I got back up to the counter, he processed my movies and handed me my membership cards. I thanked him and left the store.

When I got home, I fished the cards out of my wallet and handed Ed his. As I did, I noticed the guy spelled my name wrong. And here's where the peeve part comes in...

I GAVE HIM MY DRIVER'S LICENSE AND CREDIT CARD! All he had to do was COPY my name as it was written.

Is it really SO hard to do something the right way the first time? It's just sloppy, lazy and inefficient in my opinion. I don't understand how people hold jobs they can't seem to do. I know it's a minor indescretion, but the point is just that.

If you can't handle the little things, and do them right, how can you ever be trusted with anything else??

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MeHereNow said...

Oh My God!

I am SOOO with you! People and their lack of ability in being HUMAN drives me to distraction!