Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Boyfriend Simon Is Back In Town

If you know anything at all, you know that the American Idol auditions started this week and as usual, they don't disappoint.

As usual, Simon is the purest form of genius and always calls it right on the money (well, except for that Jennifer Hudson flub in Season 3).

When I watch these early auditions, the one thing that always comes to mind when people say they were encouraged by their friends, family, mother, boyfriend, etc. and were told that they have a great voice is...WHO are these people???

How do you give someone that you love, or someone who is your friend, false hope? How do you let them stand in line for hours, possibly wind up on television and most likely humiliate themselves? I'm not talking about the freaks who show up in costume and clearly need mental evaluation, I'm talking about the people who honestly think they can sing.

I'm glad we have some professionals weeding through the cattle calls and I would never want to give up watching these atrocious auditions, but I can't wait until we get down to the nitty gritty.

Bring it on! Next week, San Diego!


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

100% agreed. All of it.

Can't wait until this season's AI makes it to Italy; until then, I'll try to avoid knowing *too* much about what happens....

Real Live Lesbian said...

It's just too much fun to watch! Of course, it would be more fun if you were here!