Thursday, January 24, 2008

You Can Get Them At Home Depot??

While working in the yard with my two nephews, one using the hoe and the other using the rake, an argument broke out. The one using the rake wanted to use the hoe; this happens all the time, one wants what the other has. Didn't know it existed until someone else started to use it, but now they absolutely must have that particular tool.

I said to my mother, "Why don't you have two of everything, Ma? I mean, wouldn't that just make it easier??"

She shrugged as if saying, what can you do?

Ed was at Home Depot, picking up some stuff he needed for the shelving unit he's building, so I said to my mother, "Do you want me to have Ed pick up a cheap hoe for the boys?"

Laughing, my mother said, "This better be the only time I hear that kind of question."

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MeHereNow said...

HeHeHe too funny!