Friday, December 02, 2011


We left Arizona a few days after Thanksgiving to haul trailers for UPS. I was so hoping to see some snow during the trip, since there isn't any in Tucson. I love getting up in the Northeast or Midwest, seeing drifts of snow, watching traffic slow to a crawl, hopefully experiencing an Interstate shut-down. I know, I'm odd that way.

Our first leg of the trip was supposed to be Phoenix, AZ to Mesquite, TX to Lenexa, KS to Houston, TX and then back to Phoenix. But when we got to Houston, they changed it to Houston to San Antonio to Dallas to Richmond, CA and THEN back to Phoenix. Well that just screwed up my original plans for time off between runs!

We ran I-40 instead of I-10 (it's shorter, but not by much), and that's where we encountered the snow; New Mexico and Arizona. I saw several cars and one big truck in the ditch, traffic slowed to a crawl and then a stop, and a fellow trucker told me they eventually closed the Interstate in that area; they were traveling the same route but apparently we got through before they closed it.

I'm glad to have seen some snow, even if it was Arizona snow. We hit California and will be heading back to Phoenix for the next leg - bobtailing, with no trailer. I heard it's pretty cold in Phoenix this week too, even though there's no snow.

I'm sure I'm the only one who thinks this is good news.

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Gil said...

I probably stopped loving snow and started hating driving in it and shoveling it in my 40s. It is pretty to look at, but is dangerous and just more work.