Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Go Dasher, Go Dancer, Go Prancer, Go Vixen

Reindeer, schmeindeer! What, they're famous because they have a song?? Feh.

Eddie and I have become temporary reindeer, veering from our normal flatbedding and instead, running trailers all over the country for UPS. We don't have to deck ourselves out in the stylish brown ensembles (gag) the UPS guys wear, but we do like to think we are also reindeer; delivering presents in the still of the night. This deal is a true team operation, which means when one person is sleeping, the other is driving. It has been leaving no time for fun stuff like blogging, hence the reason my posting have not been up to date for the past week or so.

We'll be done this week and after the new year, we'll go back to our normal trucking activities; sipping lattes, reading magazines and dining out. Ed wants to take the first two months of the year off (which is soooo conventient since his birthday is in February - hmmm) which will give me plenty of time to blog and do other stuff.

So when you hear, "What can BROWN do for you?" you will now be able to answer, "Bring Christmas presents!"

If you'll excuse me now, we have to go help out Rudolph and the fat guy in the red suit...

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Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Go Brown (and its helpers)! At least you're not on a Fed Ex plane....