Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Blog Santa

So. I've been thinking....(uh oh, here it comes)

Usually I only release my Christmas Wish List to my mother and Ed (which I still plan on doing) and only tell friends and family members what I want if they ask. I've even blogged my list in the past. This year, I might even do a Dream List; the one I'd make if funds were unlimited and circumstances were ideal. Then I started thinking about what I wanted from the blogosphere, and I figured there must be a Blog Santa out there somewhere, granting the wishes of blogger boys and girls everywhere.

So I decided I'd write him. Then it dawned on me that Blog Santa can't possibly grant the wishes of all the blogger boys and girls; I mean, if you were to consider the sheer number of blogs out there, it's obvious he can't possibly read all of them. What if he misses mine because some Elf distracted him with some nonsense question about how many Wii's they had to make this year? Taking that into consideration, I thought I'd call on the people who mean the most to me and my blog.

YOU. My readers.

So I am going to ask for one thing for Christmas from all of you. What I would really like for Christmas, in addition to all of you to keep reading and loving me (or hating me, which is fine, as long as you keep reading), is to share my blog. My Christmas wish is to have more readers.

So if you will, please pass on my blog address, which is now
http://www.salenalettera.com/ to as many people as you can. If it's just one person, that's fine. If you want to bombard all your friends and family with my link, that's even better. But please share me. Share what I do. Tell someone about me. Hell, tell them anything you want about me, as long as you make them promise (and you can withold their present until they swear to abide by your wishes if you think it will help) that they will give reading my blog a shot.

If you have a favorite post or something that made you laugh, share that one. If you want to show them my Flickr pictures, send them
here. If you want to show off my truck (I always do), send them this post. Or if you think Eddie is the real star here, urge them to read all about him.

And if all else fails, reel them in with the menagerie of everything that is...

See? I'm starting small with the Dear Blog Santa requests. So small, I'm not even telling him about it yet. You are my first point of contact. Blog Elfs, if you will.

And we all know that it's the elves who do all the work. Now, go on now....

Make Santa proud.

PS: Oh my God! Thank you! Thank you SO much!! It's just want I wanted! It's beautiful! And it fits! How did you know?? You shouldn't have. That's me saying those and every other thing one says when they REALLY get what they want for Christmas.......kisses and candy canes to all of you!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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Gil said...

You have a great blog! It is going to be hard to find people to send your way as I really don't know many blog readers.

Anonymous said...

...I'm sure a new blog reader will be born when I tell everyone in my email address book to give you a try...your loyal fan...MAE