Saturday, December 19, 2009

In The Round

I recently re-watched the movie Elizabethtown. I've seen it two or three times now and love it every time, in exactly the same way. My favorite part is the road trip the main character, Drew, goes on, guided by the book that his love interest, Claire, made for him.

In scrapbook fashion she created an album for him, with mix CD's burned with music to coincide with each mile of his drive, and included clippings and information on places for him to stop along the way. She instructed him to take in every aspect of this cross-country trip that he was supposed to have taken with his father, who had recently passed away. He was now making the drive with the urn of his father's ashes in the passenger seat. At various locations along the way, he spread out his ashes. It was to be a mind-expanding journey of self-discovery; not only across the country, but across the depth of his soul.

Anyway....that was just a teeny bit of background so I could tell you this: During that road trip, Drew drives by The Round Barn of Arcadia, located in Arcadia, Oklahoma on Historical Route 66. When I saw it, I jumped up and immediately did a Google search for it. And when I did, I realized it was only ten miles north of Oklahoma City and I-44, which I would be traveling on. I didn't know if they had truck parking, but I wanted to see it, so I took the detour. When I got there, not only did they have parking, but there was a spot right across the street from the barn, waiting just for me.

More on The Round Barn of Arcadia tomorrow...

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Gil said...

Great picture! I have to talk my wife into another road trip West, after she retires.