Thursday, December 03, 2009

Privacy Issues

I'm not a very private person. Having a blog should be your first clue, but if that's not enough, then let me tell you again: I am not a private person.

I was recently asked to finish this sentence: "One thing people don't know about me is..."

I couldn't think of a thing. Still can't. My first thought was, well if you don't know me, you probably wouldn't know anything about me. That just seems to be common sense. Then I thought about all the people who do know me. They probably know everything about me. Or would, if they just asked.

Ed on the other hand, is kind of private. Not secretive private; that's something completely different. I have people in my family who are secretive private and that's just annoying. But he's private in the sense that he really just doesn't think to tell people things. Anything, really. And he's big on personal space and his privacy within that space.

For example...

I will talk to almost anyone through a bathroom door. I might even talk to someone standing in the bathroom with me while I'm peeing. In fact, I can tick off at least ten people I'd talk to while I was peeing. Ed will have none of that. Oh, he'll talk to me while I'm peeing, but God forbid I crack open the door to talk to him while he's in there. I've almost lost a finger because he's closed the door so quickly.

In fact, in the truck, he will LOCK the bathroom door. Lock it. Let me remind you that the bathroom door in the truck is just like one on an RV. For those of you who've never been in an RV, imagine a flimsy screen door circa 1972. Not much to it. Locking it doesn't really provide all that much security. Yet he still locks it. Drives me crazy.

I've written about this before, that it has to do with how a person was raised, I guess. Me, I was raised with a mother and Aunts who would sit on the tub while the person was on the toilet, carrying on coversations so long, a ring formed on their ass. Women who walked around in their bras from one room to another, not giving a second thought to who might be in the room. We were all family.

So how long does it take for someone to reach that level of comfort? Does it ever happen? What's your experience with this? Are you a bathroom talker or a bathroom door locker? What about your significant other - talker or locker? Let me know!

In the meantime, I'm going to go pee. And I think I'll talk to Ed from the bathroom just to see if he'll answer me.

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Gil said...

Too funny!!! I think it has to do with the Italian blood.

The Daily Rant said...

I think so too because everyone who does it (with the exception of my best friend Vicki), is Italian. :)

Angela said...

So long as it's just #1 involved I will talk to my hearts content to family and even a few close friends whilst I sit on the toilet. But with #2, door shut, locked, fan on, water running... anything to keep someone from hearing me "go".

My boyfriend isn't one for bathroom chatter when he's doing his business either, much like your dearest Ed. He wants privacy... but I have a hard time letting him have it! haha

dixie said...

Eddie must get that from his Dad. I think he locks the door when there's noone else in the house!!
It doesn't bother me even if there is no door. As for talking, they usually act like there is no body there. I drove a truck for 14 years and have had to experience all sorts of inconveniences. lol
Ed's mom

all things bradbury said...

when my family is all together, it's impossible to find alone time in the bathroom....someone's always either in the tub, doing their makeup, fixing their hair, or just needs a qtip, etc....inhabitions never got a chance to throw in summer camps, camping trips, and now that little porta potty in the truck......i can talk thru

Anonymous said...

I was going to post; but now that I am in the comment box, ready to type about peeing, I can't do it. LOL Does that answer your question?

Crystal S. said...

Ha! What Anonymous said. I was about to share info about my two weeks of dorm life (one huge bathroom, a bunch of stalls, a bunch of showers, some sinks, and about 20 girls...wasn't lucky enough to have a suite with 4 girls sharing a bathroom with locking doors) but then I realized nobody needs to hear about that! LOL

Funny though...I don't think I'm that much of a private person other than that kind of thing. I'll generally tell you anything you want to know, plus some.