Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas In OKC

As I've mentioned now, ad nauseum, we don't have a whole lot of time to stop for anything. So I bring you my photographs of Christmas light displays taken while on the move. They are all from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, visible from I-40 as you cruise through town.

This first one is a concrete mixer truck, completely covered with lights and showcased on a spinning pedestal:

This next one is probably my favorite; it's a line of spindly trees, each branch completely covered with tiny lights, that completely encircle a business complex. The effect in person is truly gorgeous; it's my favorite type of light display, when they cover trees so all you see is the outline:

And the last most fantastic display of lights, was from the Christmas In The Park display in Yukon, just outside of OKC at City Park and Chisolm Trail Park. The event features more than 1 million lights and 150 artistic displays. It's SO fantastic! We couldn't drive through it in the truck but we did drive entirely around the block and saw it from all sides. Of course, since we were moving at all times (there was nowhere for a truck to pull over) I had to take my pictures while on the go:

So although blurry, I think you get the point. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

PS: If you squint your eyes, they don't look quite so blurry. :)

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all things bradbury said...

really good pics....this is my favorite time of year to be driving around looking at all the lights and displays....okc reminds me of ogleby park at home...wheeling, wv....near the dallas pike truck stop on i 70...if you're ever there at christmas time, it's worth the car rental to drive thru it.....

Dixie said...

Even the blur gives them a special beauty.

Anonymous said...

...aren't you lucky to see all the wonders of the world from a moving 18-wheeler...great pics...MAE

lacy lee said...

good call on the eye squint!

Gil said...

Very Artistic!!!

Jane said...

Hey awesome pictures friend..!!! You really have a great fate and good luck to see all these event by your own eyes… That's great!!

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