Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work

While driving through California and Oregon this week, I saw signs along the highway saying "Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work" with completion dates for the work currently being done on the very road I was traveling on.

One of those times, I saw them erecting the actual sign. There was a state DOT truck and four workers in orange vests dropping 4 x 4's in the ground, with the sign nearby waiting to be attached.

I wondered to myself, how many tax dollars were at work to print those signs and pay for that crew to be out there to put up a sign to tell people their tax dollars were hard at work. Wouldn't it just be better to fix the road so they could see their tax dollars hard at work? Is the sign really necessary?

When I told my mother about it, she said "Well, people need pictures and words. Like when you go to McDonald's; the kid can't ring up your order without touching the button with the picture of a Big Mac on it and he certainly can't give you change without looking at the screen to tell him how much he's supposed to be giving you."

As my friend Gil once said, regarding another subject but that also applies here, "That's the mentality of our countrywomen and countrymen."

So true.

And since this post doesn't have any pictures, I'm guessing there's no chance of them reading it and getting offended.

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Gil said...

Thanks for using my comment. I should of said my PC comment!!!!

Try asking for change of a ten or a twenty sometime and the kid will tell you you need to make a purchase first and it isn't to open up the drawer! Better yet give a kid the change, like 27 cents on a sale of $9.27, they hold the change in their hand, look at it look at you and ask you why you gave them the change. Sooo sad!